Professional ACL MCL Protection Knee Support Brace with Bilateral Hinges

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BRACES & SUPPORTS KNEE for best in class Performance thanks to our unique 4 way compression system which literally 'wraps' the knee from all angles giving lateral and medial support ideal for weak knees and injured ligaments.

HELPS RELIEVE PATELLA TENDONITIS & PATELLOFEMORAL PAIN - Because the two smaller cross-over straps above and below the kneecap adds compression around the patella tendon which acts like a 'patella band' pushing the inflammation down and improving pain by helping to reset the patellar tendon ideal for Jumper's knee symptoms.

ANTI-SLIP DESIGN FOR USE IN SPORTS - Again it's down to our 4-way strap system, 2 wrap-around straps makes it so much better staying in place. You can use this for running, swimming, basketball, football, tennis and all types of multi directional sports.

MORE COMFORT & LESS IRRITATION - Premium touches like our built in comfort gap at the back of the knee which stops the neoprene 'scrunching up' often an issue with most knee braces this allows your knee to bend to a full 90 degrees without restriction. Our material helps to protect skin from excess sweat and helps you get relief using the support all day.

✅ STABILIZED AND LIGHTWEIGHT - No other knee brace like it built in flexible stabilizers combine with the 4-way compression system to give all round lateral and medial support helping osteoarthritic knees and post ACL knee surgery rehabilitation. It is non bulky and can be worn under clothes.

Material: Neoprene, Polyamide, Polyester